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Airport information page


Please do not use the information listed here in-flight or in-navigation, as they are not provided to us by the airports but are provided by volunteers, so they might be outdated.



Airport information page

Radio informations:
Tower (TWR) - 118.5 MHz
PMSV METRO - 134.1 MHz
Ground (GND) - 125.9 MHz
Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) - 134.25 MHz
Approach (APP) - 133.35 MHz

Airport informations:
Latitude: 34° 56' 46.10" N
Longitude: 069° 15' 53.90" E
Elevation: 4895 feet - 1492 meters
Operating hours: N/A
Operating agency: US Air Force
Timezone: UTC+4:30
Fuel: Fuel ltd to US Mil only, C-17 acft for follow-on flt only. Trans mil acfr Prior Coord Rqr.

Runway information:
03/21 - 9852 x 180 feet - 3003 x 55 meters

Recent METARs:

Airport on the map: