Please do not use the information listed here in-flight or in-navigation, as they are not provided to us by the airports but are provided by volunteers, so they might be outdated.



Airport information page

Radio informations:
Tower (TWR) - 118.7 MHz
Ground (GND) - 121.9 MHz
Approach (APP) - 121.1 MHz

Latitude: N/A
Longitude: N/A
Elevation: N/A
Operating hours: N/A
Operating agency: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Fuel: N/A

Recent METARs:
RCKH 182230Z 34005KT 310V020 7000 FEW016 BKN120 25/22 Q1015 NOSIG RMK A2998
RCKH 182300Z 34005KT 300V060 6000 FEW016 BKN120 25/22 Q1015 NOSIG RMK A2999
RCKH 182340Z 36006KT 300V060 5000 HZ FEW016 SCT060 BKN080 26/22 Q1016 NOSIG RMK A3001

Airport on the map: