Please do not use the information listed here in-flight or in-navigation, as they are not provided to us by the airports but are provided by volunteers, so they might be outdated.



Airport information page

Radio informations:
Tower (TWR) - 119.4 MHz
Ground (GND) - 121.7 MHz
RADAR - 120.8 MHz
Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) - 129.8 MHz
Approach (APP) - 131.6 MHz

Airport informations:
Latitude: 43° 21' 07.46" N
Longitude: 077° 02' 25.83" E
Elevation: 2234 feet - 681 meters
Operating hours: 24 hour operations
Operating agency: Civil government, landing fees and diplomatic clearance may be required
Timezone: UTC+6 - Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October
Fuel: Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

Runway information:
05/23 - 14427 x 147 feet< - >4397 x 45 meters

Recent METARs:
UAAA 210030Z VRB01MPS 3700 BR BKN038 OVC100 M01/M03 Q1027 R23R/CLRD65 R23L/1///60 NOSIG
UAAA 210100Z 00000MPS 3900 BR FU BKN037 OVC100 M01/M03 Q1026 R23R/CLRD65 R23L/1///60 NOSIG
UAAA 210130Z VRB01MPS 2900 BR FU BKN050 OVC100 M01/M03 Q1027 R05L/CLRD65 R05R/1///60 NOSIG

Airport on the map: